Olivia Stacey Wedding Dress at Madingley Hall


Wedding Dress shoot at Madingley Hall

I was at Madingley Hall Cambridge with model Olivia who was wearing a very unusual white and black short dress and open gauze veil from Cambridge Bridal Studio. Make Up was by Alison Curtis, Hair by Laura Creek and Video and Assistant Stephen Salmon.

Madingley Hall kindly loaned us the upstairs Saloon, which had beautiful tall leaded windows with stained glass at the top, a huge tapestry, a huge Rubenesque painting and many soft high back chairs and sofas. A Steinway Grand Piano completed the furnishings, although we did have to contend with a piano tuner doing his work in the afternoon!

Late afternoon we braved some shots in the magnificent grounds, although unlike the previous weekend, it was bitterly cold and windy, so we did what we could before hypothermia set in! I also experimented with 2nd Curtain Flash with Olivia ‘twirling’, her dress around.

Below is a selection from the day, all shot on a Fuji XT-1, 35mm lens and 55-200mm zoom, and Softbox Off camera flash

Huge thanks to everyone above who made this happen.

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