Modern Masters


'Modern Masters' is an ongoing Portfolio project incorporating twists on portrait paintings by renowned artists, plus re-envisioning of some classic 50s/60s Film and Stage artists.

Here’s a couple from our last shoot, 'Modern Masters', modelled by Olivia Stacey, and based on Dutch artist Vermeer's 'Girl With A Pearl Earring'. 

We're not trying to duplicate the originals, but to show they're 'from the school of...' using small twists in the clothing, poses and lighting. Vermeer's original painting on the far right below was used for reference, and we experimented using a yellow jacket  and a yellow scarf, but these just blended together, so we changed to a white scarf, as in the middle image. In fact, the head band and scarf were the most difficult to arrange! After some debate, we didn't think the yellows worked well against Olivia's olive skin tones, so we changed the jacket to a blue and gold version as in the first image, and Olivia also tilted her head backwards a little, introducing some contemporary fashion style, and the image we liked best!

We are now storyboarding for the next in this series…..

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